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WorldEscrow Ltd. is a part of the WorldEscrow family, and as such market leader in qualitative Escrow Solutions around the world. Our UK branch acts as an independent agent within the larger group - offering the familiar WorldEscrow quality, fitted to the needs and questions typical for UK companies.


WorldEscrow is a specialized Escrow Agent. While WE got big through its flagship Software Escrow solutions (be it Traditional Escrow, SaaS Escrow or a combination of the above), WE has built an impressive array of Escrow Services ranging from Financial Escrow, over Archive Escrow solutions, all the way to Industrial Escrow solutions.


All of the Escrow services provided by WorldEscrow are designed to be easy to use, and are always fully customizable to fit perfectly around your particular situation.


Be sure to contact us for a personalised solution, fitted to your tastes and likings.


SaaS - Escrow


A new interpretation of software service requires a new interpretation of good Escrow. WorldEscrow offers the best possible coverage for all your SaaS related continuity weak spots. Our SaaS solutions range from 'no-nonsense' to entirely bespoke, full coverage insurances.


Software Escrow


Is the service that made WorldEscrow the firm that it is today. In keeping with the values and standards of WorldEscrow, the goal of all WE software escrow is set to provide a highly qualitative, easy-to-use and understandable solution.


Trade Escrow


As a Trusted Third Party, WorldEscrow has the capability to act as an independent party in any kind of transaction. This allows us to act as an intermediary in financial transactions. This service allows you to feel safe and sound when doing business with anyone, anywhere at any time - without reservations.


Why you should...

...Choose WorldEscrow

1. WorldEscrow cares for you...


... whether you are a software supplier, a financial institution, an industrial entity, a start-up, investor, fintech company, an innovative technology designer looking for a pre-patent solution, or simply a creative innovator. Whether you are a legal advisor, a lawyer, a notary or a government or governmental agency; and whether you are looking for a simple, straightforward and easy-to-use protection for intellectual property, or an in-depth, tailor-made, all-encompassing, risk-reducing business continuity solution: WE cares.


2. WE thinks with you...


... unlike most other players in the industry. WorldEscrow believes in making bespoke solutions that fit exactly around your needs, in the most economic way possible. WE has a team of experts in almost every conceivable field and can rely on more than 20 years of experience in dealing with cutting-edge technology. We understand your deepest Business Continuity needs and desires, and seek to be nothing less than an expert advisor. That's why our first step is to talk - talk with you, talk with our experts and talk with whoever might be involved - in order to gain an understanding of what you do, need and want, and to propose a solution that ticks all boxes and covers all bases, at the most market-conform prices available.

3. WE is a team of collaborating craftsmen...


... and is thus entirely based around the principle of craftsmanship. WE crafts an Escrow solution around what you need, thanks to our dedicated, flexible and highly trained staff. As craftsmen, we are all standing happily ready to act as a your personal BC expert. You like to know who you're dealing with, and we like to be known. At the same time, we understand the importance of value for money, and of economic constraints on projects, which is why we offer some of the most competitive prices in the market.

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