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WorldEscrow is first and foremost a company of collaborating craftsmen - and women. We believe in high standards, personal interaction and full customisation of our product - and that since 1994.


Our values and principles set us miles apart from the competition. We believe in standards, sure, but only as a tool, a basis, for your own, personal and fully customised Escrow Agreement. An Agreement in which we are more than happy to assist you setting it up. We strive for perfect solutions that fit exactly around your needs and wants, as well as around any potential sensitivities.


As a company of collaborating craftsmen, WorldEscrow consists of a team of independently operating, but tightly knitted experts. Our expertise is only rivaled by our care for personal and friendly interaction. After all, what we sell is not just the service we offer, it is trust. Trust between parties and across borders that otherwise might have cause to distrust each other.


WorldEscrow's mission, is your Business Continuity.

WorldEscrow - Meet the Team


Meet the team that is WorldEscrow both on the Mainland and in the UK, come by our offices in Belgium or United Kingdom, or let us come to you.

We are always more than happy for a chance to meet you.

WorldEscrow Ltd. - The Techno Centre, Puma Way - CV1 2TT - Coventry United Kingdom

+44 (0) 330 043 1307 - info@worldescrowltd.co.uk

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