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WorldEscrow's Document Escrow solutions are designed with but one purpose in mind:

to create a no-fuss solution for the problem at hand.


Document Escrow is probably the most diverse form of Escrow in terms of what can be deposited. It can be Industrial Drawings, Pieces of Art, Music, Chemical Formulae, Pre-Publication Manuscripts, Collated Research volumes, Pre-Patent Schematics, or - more commonly - Archives, Contracts, Documents, Knowledge - sinks from Joint Ventures or frequently changing project teams. Any collection of documents that may need a little more protection, is something you should consider getting an Escrow solution for.


What is the advantage of a Document Escrow solution? Basically, a Document Escrow solution is a verified back-up, with the added advantage that access can be managed far more narrowly and closely.

WorldEscrow has a system in place that allows the depositing and verification of vast quantities of documents, that will get structured automatically, and to which access can be restricted based on an "eyes only" principle. That allows you to define who should have access to which documents and under which conditions. As an added bonus: WorldEscrow will execute a verification on the meta-data of the documents, allowing you to see exactly what the stored documents have to offer.


Of course, another prime application for Document Escrow, is transactional in nature. WorldEscrow will release the documents based on a meeting of preset requirements. These requirements can be, for example, that the documents are transferred to another party upon bankruptcy of the original party.


Yet another variety of Document Escrow is really a cross-over between Financial Escrow and Document Escrow. Investor Escrow is the only kind of Escrow which revolves around transferring (partial) Intellectual Property of the deposited materials. In essence, an Investor will invest money in order to allow a team to develop something, which the investor can then turn back to money. If the team, however, does not deliver upon the promise, the investor loses his money. An Investor Escrow agreement can limit that loss to a minimum, by allowing the investor to transfer the development to another team and potentially earn back some of the original investment.


To recap: if you feel your archive, knowledge sink, project documents or really any kind of documentation can be business critical to someone: let us know! We'll help you get the best protection for the situation.

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