WorldEscrow offers a wide range of services aimed at facilitating transactions, safeguarding business-critical assets or at ensuring a continuation of service in every situation.


Since 1994, WorldEscrow is the continental market-leader in Trusted Third Party solutions - and it shows. Through the years, WorldEscrow has defined itself to be - in essence - an international notary. We act as an independent, neutral and impartial party which can assure the fulfilment of conflicting needs between a number of parties - allowing them to do business together. That, effectively, makes Trust the primary commodity we sell.


How do we do it? Generally, our products can be divided into three major categories: Technology Escrow, Trade Escrow and Document Escrow.


Based on these three, all our products are further narrowed for specific situations. You may find more information and specifications for each below. For all questions, remarks and custom solutions:

Technology Escrow


Technology Escrow is a service designed specifically for safeguarding any form of Technology or application.


Our solutions are always focussed on two main parties in these agreements: the Technology Supplier and the Technology Beneficiary.


For the Supplier, these solutions focus on providing a no-fuss, easy to use and highly flexible support system that also protects their Intellectual Property - regardless of the circumstances - and can easily be integrated in the supplier's own support agreements.


For the beneficiary, the solutions focus on providing an equally easy-to-use guaranteed continuation of service, regardless of what happens to the supplier.

Document Escrow


Document Escrow is a highly performant Escrow solution for document and archive management between several parties.


In short: it is a solution in which all documents, drawings, prints and so forth can be deposited, after which they can be made conditionally available to other parties.


As an additional bonus: WorldEscrow will always verify these documents (based on which service level is required by the customer), meaning that all parties have the guarantee that the deposit contains all documents required for a potential transfer to go smoothly.


It is particularly valuable for situations like mergers, joint-ventures, variable project teams and other circumstances in which the people needing access to the documents change regularly.

Trade Escrow


Trade Escrow is a service we provide for parties that want a little extra protection of their funds when dealing with others.


What it means in essence, is that WorldEscrow offers the use of a Third-Party Escrow account in close collaboration with a partner bank. This account can only be managed in accordance with a pre-determined set of conditions, making it excellent as a mechanism for payment-on-delivery, conditional release of set funds, or proving that certain funds can be provided - to name but a few.


All our Technology Escrow solutions can be expanded upon with a Trade Escrow settlement for things like third party service continuation, conditional release of investment and to cover unforeseen issues in regular contracts.

If you feel you might need an Escrow solution: Don't hesitate and contact us.

We'll be more than happy to help you setting up a solution that fits exactly around your needs.

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