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Industrial Escrow is WorldEscrow's solution catered to the needs of the very large world of Blueprinting, Industrial Designs and Industrial Business Continuity. Whether we are talking about large Industrial complexes containing several parties or a single part of a single design, if it is business critical, WorldEscrow's Industrial Escrow solution can protect it.


Industrial designs are almost always business critical assets for both the designer(s) and supplier(s), and the users of the designs. The interests of all parties meet as long as the design is actually available for use, but protected from abuse. A patent might go a long way towards protecting the Intellectual Property of the design in question, but does not manage uses in a practical and useful format for the users of the design. Likewise, as a supplier/designer, it isn't always you who can decide whether you get a patent or not. Both problems are solved by an Industrial Escrow settlement.


WorldEscrow's Industrial Escrow solution can in practice be a combination of Software, Document and Financial Escrows. The primary task is to make sure that all parties are convinced that their rights are safeguarded and their duties reasonable and manageable. WorldEscrow will act as a central management hub, where the designs, drawings and any and all related documentation is safeguarded and can be consulted - under a strict set of conditions as laid out by the parties in Mutual agreement, enforced and monitored by WorldEscrow.


On top of that, any software components can be verified, thus making sure that not only the designs and drawings are the correct ones for the job at hand, but also that they are useful for further use should any of the parties fall away at any point, for whatever reason.


WorldEscrow invites you to let us know about your particular problem, and will help you hammer out an Industrial Escrow that helps all parties to be ahead of the curve.


Principles of Industrial Escrow



Protection from Infringment


Intellectual Property Infringement is one of the most devastating setbacks any supplier can have. Be it from an external party, a client or a partner in a project, IP Infringement has been the death of many an Industrial Designer and supplier.


While an Industrial Escrow is no patent, it can (and has) been called upon to defend patent claims and can act as neutrally timestamped proof of concept, before an actual patent is awarded.

An Industrial Escrow is also far more aimed at practical usefulness and operabillity than a Patent can ever be.


While an Industrial Escrow does not replace a patent, it is a perfect addition for the IP protection of any design, and a great alternative for those designs and plans that do not qualify for patenting.




Easy Access, Tight Protection


WorldEscrow's Industrial Escrow solution is based around the principle that those who should have access to the documents, should have an easy, no fuss channel to do so.


At the same time, it is absolutely essential that those who shouldn't have access, can't get it in any reasonably foreseeable way.


WorldEscrow therefore offers the possibility to suppliers to make their plans available for consulting via a state-of-the art user platform, that allows segregation of information per user.


All of the above makes an Industrial Escrow solution the most viable solution for any situation requiring secure and limited accessibility.





Guaranteed Usefulness


The key goal of any Escrow, is to guarantee business continuity to as high a degree as is humanly possible. This means in practice that any deposit has to contain everything needed to guarantee a continued usefulness should any of the parties fall away.


WorldEscrow guarantees this through a thorough and in depth range of potential verification mechanisms. These mechanisms are always deployed and set-up in collaboration with all parties, so as to make sure that everyone has a proportianate guarantee that what is in deposit, is the right product, is complete and completely useful.


WorldEscrow thus acts as a moderator that guarantees that everyone's trust is upheld throughout the agreement.

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