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Software as a Service is the latest evolution in a long line of changes in Software delivery methods. The move from Software being a product to software being a service is not unlogical, and makes using and buying software more hassle-free than ever before.


From a continuity perspective, however, SaaS brings a few new challenges. Challenges for which WorldEscrow designed a specific approach in order to counter them, and offer the best continuity available.


The most important of these challenges is the shift from guaranteeing the availability of the software itself to guaranteeing the availability of access to the softwareplatform. While the software itself still plays a role, it is diminished and - in practical terms - overshadowed by the need to be capable of accessing the softwareplatform and the attached user specific databases.


That is the exact reason why WorldEscrow's SaaS solution is not based around a single deposit and verification. Instead, a WorldEscrow SaaS solution plays on three main pillars: service continuity, software continuity and database continuity.


WorldEscrow welcomes every single challenge it gets to prove that our service is up to the task. If you feel like taking us up on it - contact us, and discover just why WorldEscrow is Continental Market Leader in Qualitative Escrow solutions.


Pillars of SaaS Escrow



Third Party Hosting


In order to guarantee service, WorldEscrow will open an Escrow account set to hold a specific amount of money, in order to pay for a number of months of service at the existing hosting partners. This ensures that - even if the actual supplier and maintenance units go bankrupt - the service isn't immediately halted.


If necessary, WorldEscrow engages an additional party to act as a host for the platform. That means that a party is standing by to take over the hosting service in the event of a release.


While not enough to guarantee full continuity on and by itself, this pillar aims to ensure minimal business disruption for the end user(s) while the migration of the SaaS platform takes place.




Depositing and Virtual Machine


While the emphasis of a SaaS Escrow solution is primarily on continuing service, the Software itself still plays a major role. After all, you can't guarantee a service without the object of said service.


As such, WorldEscrow's SaaS Escrow solution takes into account both the deployability of the deposit and its being up to date.


WE achieves this by having the supplier deposit the base software very frequently. De facto we ask at least once per week, and can go as far as to install a full mirror of the application on a separate system, depending on the customer's needs.


At the same time, WorldEscrow will - in close cooperation with the supplier - construct a Virtual Machine in which the application can run, instead of a classical verification.


The combined result thereof is that, should a release occur, we simply have to get the latest deposit, plug it in the VM at a host, and the end user regains full functionality at a minimum expense of time.





Secured Availability


Having access to a program with continued service is all well and good, but if you lose your data, you might as well immediatly start over from scratch. On the other hand, in SaaS, databases are often intertwined and selecting one user's database in the - potentially - several hundreds can be a daunting challenge for a supplier. Not to mention the technical nightmare to get it all prepared for a neat and orderly deposit.


WorldEscrow therefore makes things easy. Our highly advanced processing system allows a supplier to deposit everything in any fashion they want, and us to still guarantee that only those who should have access to a certain part, module or database actually have access to said part, module or database.


In very short: it is easy for the supplier, secure for all clients and available for those who need it.

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