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Software Escrow is the service that turned WorldEscrow into the company that it is today. With over 20 years of experience in providing the best, easiest to use, and often the simplest solutions for any and all types of software products, you may rest assured that WorldEscrow is an expert in the field.


All of our Software Escrow solutions are custom built to fit around your particular needs. We do that by mixing and matching a number of different elements and balancing them out against each other.


The most important elements are whether you are looking for a simple solution for multiple beneficiaries at once, or if you are looking to offer a single, highly specialised solution to a single beneficiary, and which level of verification you wish to have executed on the deposits.


In the first situation, you will be looking for a "2P" or multi-party agreement, in the second for a "3P" or three party agreement.

As to the levels of verification: WorldEscrow standardly offers three levels of verification, ranging from a basic readability check to a full deployment with customised testing. Find out more below, or contact us!

Levels of Verification



Standard Service Level


The Standard Service Level is so called because it is the service that WorldEscrow standardly offers in every software escrow agreement.


This level is a standardised check of legibility of the deposit, a virus check and an opening test to main level -1


It is included in all WorldEscrow agreements.




Extended Verification


The Extended Verification is still a standardised verification, but will go further and deeper than a level 1. Where a level 1 merely does a legibility check, the Level 2 does a full compilation of the software.

The verification is succesful if the compilation is succesful.


As such, an L2 gives you the guarantee that the source code within the deposit can actually be used to re-compile the program upon release.




Custom Verification


The Level 3 is WorldEscrow's flagship service. We always take pride in our craftsmanship, but it doesn't show nearly as bright on anything but the L3.


The level 3 is a fully customisable verification. It always starts by executing an L1 and 2, but after that you are free to knock yourselves out. At that point, WorldEscrow can throw an entire barrage of actions at the deposit, and see if it can take it.


It really comes down to what you need the program to do in real life, and how we can test it.

Simulated transfers are a possibility, as are stress-tests, integrity checks and hardware interactivity tests. The sky is the absolute limit.


For any and all queries about agreement types and about just how well we can protect your Business Continuity:

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