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WorldEscrow's Trade Escrow solutions are meant to allow for secure investment and safeguarding of funds - regardless of the situation.


WorldEscrow's Trade Escrow solutions are based on two pillars: the presence of a Trusted Third Party, and an Escrow Account with a partnerbank.


An Escrow Account is, in the first place, a bank account held by one or more parties, but managed by a neutral third. It is opened like a regular bank account, but can only be managed in accordance with instructions provided by the clients - or their agent.


The Trusted Third Party mentioned is, of course, WorldEscrow, which will act as the previously managed agent, and manage the account in accordance with a strict set of instructions as provided by the clients. The main advantage of having a neutral party handle the account, is a reduction to the chance of unpleasant surprises. The agent manages the account, makes sure that all conditions are met and authorises release of funds based on the meeting of those conditions.


There are several applications for having such an Escrow Account. The first application is that between a buyer of certain goods and a supplier thereof. The one would not like to pay without the other having delivered, and the other would rather not deliver untill he/she is paid. With an Escrow account, the funds can be frozen, and proof of the availability delivered to the seller (who is thus certain that the money is there) and the funds can be released once the goods or service has actually been delivered. Another application is the freezing of a certain amount of funds for the purpose of demonstrating that the client can deliver these funds, or for in the event something happens to the client and a certain set of payments need to continue.

WorldEscrow prides itself in the sheer endless customisation options it can offer. Therefore, if you feel that the options above don't exactly suit your needs, or that you would wish to have a mix of several of them: contact us, and let us help you come to the best solution for your problem.

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